So after a long week at work me and a Co worker decided to stop by the annual picnic where we got free shit and good food. Yet, the best part of the picnic was running into my old boss, the one who promoted me, the guy who made me want to quit, the guy who pushed me harder than anybody ever has before and while he can be the biggest asshole you ever met he did it to make me feel inadequate and so I would never become stagnant or bored and he challenged me daily. Today he told me that in all of his years of working for the company he said he never met somebody who worked harder than me nor anybody more determined than me! He told me he should have told me that more when he had the chance, he also said he will be looking for my name to pop up on the promotion list and for me to stay sharp. :) you guys have no idea how much this meant to me! Today he made me tear up in a good way and today I got to thank the man who made me one of the best damn employees this company has ever seen.